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Become a Shop Host. 

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Welcome to Pros & Tools'
"Shop Host" Model!

Own a woodworking, metalworking, paint booth or any other kind of workshop that is not being used to the fullest potential?  We have a fantastic opportunity for you to earn extra income.

There are thousands of fabricators that would do anything to have a shop like yours and are willing to pay you to use it. With Pros and Tools platform it is now possible to rent your extra space and machines when not in use.

How does it work?

Photos of Your Shop

We come to you take great photos of your shop and list them on so customers can find you, reserve and pay.

Install Pros & Tools System

Install Pros and Tools system on your machines to be able to track time and take payment for use. Very similar to an arcade card system but each machine has a different rate per minute of use depending on the type of machine.

Add Value to Your Space

The unused space can be arranged in a way that adds value to you and your customers maximizing space utilization. Usually customers can rent per day, week, month or year. (But you decide what you feel comfortable with)

Earn Additional Income

Earn additional income while still using your workshop for your own projects.



  • Generate thousands of dollars in extra income monthly.

  • Meet other fabricators that can collaborate with jobs.


Contact us today to start earning with your existing space.

Join Pros & Tools and let’s generate additional income together!

(786) 509-5431

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