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Inflatable Spray Booth 10'x15' with extraction system. Also includes prep space and air hose. Does not include paint gun.

Spray Booth Boynton (1 day)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The rent of the space includes access to common amenities like break room, office space, conference room, glue area, clean area, Wifi and parking. Machinery rental is paid separately.

    Machine Coins are used to rent machinery at Pros & Tools fabrication hub's.  $1.00 is equal to 1 machine coin.   Minimum time of use is rounded to 1 minute.

  • If you rent a space and need to cancel prior to your stay, you need to notify Pros & Tools via email or phone call at least 24H in advance.

    Once Machine Coins are purchased, they cannot be refunded or exchanged for any other service or transferred to another user.

    If you lose your card your machine coins will not be lost but you will need to pay a  $60.00 fee  for the new card registration. ( for this to apply you need to report the lost card the moment it happens).

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