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Workspace Rules

● There are two loading areas that remain open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 
5:00 pm, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For safety reasons, these gates remain 
locked after the staff leaves the facility.  
●There are fire extinguishers located at the walls where the red lines indicate and there 
are emergency exits where indicated (shop manager must show). 
●The address of the shop is painted in red on every wall to have easy access in case an 
emergency call to 911 is needed. 
●Before using any machine you must use eye protection. If you do not have one, we can 
provide it free of cost. 
●After using a machine or common space, it is important to clean the area and its 
surroundings. Do not leave scrap pieces over machines or common spaces. 
●When using the Sliding Table Saw or any of the other machines, use the corresponding 
safety guards and do not hit the machine when placing the material. Use the support 
tables provided or ask for help if needed. The scoring blade is only to be used with 
materials finished on both sides (melamines, laminates and pre-finished). If you need to 
cut solid wood, ask the shop manager to replace the saw blade. Never cut materials with 
hardware or screws in it. 
●Edgebander and Wide Belt Sander: Shop manager is the only person authorized to set 
them up. Work hours for these machines are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 
pm and from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Clean area after using. 
●Jointer, Planer and Boring Machine: Shop manager is the only person authorized to set 
them up for the first time. Clean area after using. 
●If you require carts for handling, we have options for renting by the day, week or month. 
Members can also bring their own. 
●Every member is provided with one container for trash disposal and is responsible for 
emptying it at the main dumpster when needed. For safety reasons it is important to 
break large pieces into smaller ones when placing them into the trash container.  
●It is allowed to leave unattended material for a short term in front of your workspace. The 
shop manager will charge the use of such space every morning at a rate of $1 per every 
8 SqF. If you need to temporarily use hallways while at the warehouse, never block the circulation of persons or materials. 
●For storing flammable materials (CONTACT CEMENT, MINERAL SPIRITS, LACQUER 
THINNER, AND OTHER FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS), show the fire cabinet location 
(yellow cabinet) 
●For the disposal of rags that are drenched with flammable substances, show the 
corresponding barrel (black metal barrel). 
●Show location of eye wash station inside the bathroom and explain when it should be 
●Glue area is common and should be used considering that other members might and 
can use it at the same time. This area should be cleaned after use. 
●Show floor storage options (racks and floor storage) 
●Show location of first aid kit. 
●We follow COVID-19 CDC guidelines to prevent spread of the disease. Entering Pros & 
Tools facility knowing you have COVID, with symptoms of COVID or after being exposed 
to a person with COVID: (Membership will be terminated) Once you have a negative 
PCR test result you can come back.  
●Violent behavior against another person:(membership will be terminated) 
●Entering other member’s personal fabrication area, grabbing tools, materials or moving a 
project without asking: (pay any damages + $300.00 fee. (Second time termination of 
●Leaving unattended things in common areas:  For example, on top of a table saw, 
blocking hallway or emergency exits ($50.00 fee plus storage fee).  
●Consumption of alcohol or drugs on the premises. (Membership termination) 
●All members are granted with smart lock access. Therefore, by opening the door to 
strangers you will be liable for their actions and damages plus a $300.00 fee.  If it 
happens a second time your membership will be terminated.   
●If a membership is terminated you will lose your initial deposit and are responsible for 
due payments until the date stipulated under membership agreement. Your machine 
rental card will be terminated, and any remaining machine coins will be lost. 
If you would like to learn more about the safety and rules of your shop, please read the 
membership agreement.  

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